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Important....Please Read!!

The Sims Warehouse Club has closed as of Saturday, 02/17/01

The Sims Warehouse Club has allowed me to give you the zip files to make your own Burger Sims Franchise.
Russell and ROCK!!

Closer view of the goodies
a close-up view

[The Counters][Six Wall Signs]
[More Wall Signs][Walls, Floors, and Lighted Sign]
[Chair, Table, the rest]

Burger Sims Franchise

NEW! Burger Sims Franchise Turnkey Stores NEW!

Brought to you by: OH Productions, Inc.
You only need to finish furnishing it to suit your needs.

Choose your lot.....There is one for each lot.

This is the basic floor plan. Slight variations will be found in some Lots.
The Basic Floor Plan

Click a pic to download a Burger Sims Store.

Lot One

Lot Two

Lot Three

Lot Four

Lot Five

Lot Six

Lot Seven

Lot Eight

Lot Nine

Lot Ten

This is a MUST GET LIST...

All items are needed if you do not want the "missing objects" notice.

"Burger Sims" is exclusive to "The Sims Warehouse Club".
I am merely showing how YOUR burger Joint ~might~ look.
You are welcome to download mine and use in play, but do not redistribute the houses.
I have exclusive rights to use and or display my "Burger Joints".


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updated: July 24, 2003

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