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These were the original stores I made.....Before Burger Sims.

My Burger Joints

For lot number 6

28 kb

29 kb

Ma's Burger Joint Zip @ 102 kb

29 kb

30 kb

Pop's Burger Joint Zip @ 104 kb

Please note: CARS SHOULD NOT BE IN THE POP'S ZIP....get them from "The Sims Resource"

This is the FIRST of my Burger Sims stores.

A remake of the Ma's store with Burger Sims accessories.

28 kb

29 kb

47 kb

BurgerSims_1 the more expensive ver.

BurgerSims_2 the less expensive ver.

Please note I will try to list the items obtained from the above sites which were used in the Burger Sims Franchise Burger Joint, or could be used.
"Burger Sims" is exclusive to "The Sims Warehouse Club". I am merely showing how YOUR burger Joint ~might~ look.
You are welcome to download mine and use in play, but do not redistribute the houses.
I have given "The Sims Warehouse Club" exclusive rights to use and or display my "Burger Joints".

Oh yeah, did I mention THIS house sits on Lot 6? Well it now you know. *G*


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updated: July 24, 2003

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