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Greetings Visitors!

I am pleased to present my first attempt to make a "game".
This is a "Labyrinth" or maze, if you prefer.
It takes place within a solid black environment, much like a cave.
The "rooms" will be connected via "doorways" you find with your cursor.

I have a free graphic to show you were "Lost" here.

Of course there will be one for finding your way out, too *grin*.

Enjoy! Olde Hippie

Now, on to the fun!
First step is to
Click Here
and ~find~ your way inside.

Lost Logo
Here's a free logo if you want one.
Kindly link it back to:

Here is a FAQ page with answers to some questions. FAQs Here

Note: The maze is up and working!

News Flash!!

I am now finished with the second part.
It continues from the end of the first part.
"Grand Opening" NOW!

For those interested, I ~was~ doing a Part III.
Due to lack of interest, and inability
to get on search engines, it is on hold for now.
Will keep you posted here.


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Created March 20, 1999
Opened March 24, 1999
Updated August 26, 2004